Why buy 'recycled'

I doubt any of us need experts -- whether they're economists on the news or professional organizers on HGTV -- to tell us we have too much stuff and most of what we buy nowadays is junk. Now, some of us may be working to remedy the problem in our lives, but the problem still exists for most people.

If you haven't seen "The Story of Stuff," please do so now! Be sure to click on The Story of Stuff blog, too! It's very enlightening. And, it shows us why if we're going to buy more stuff, it's better to buy recycled, vintage, reused, repurposed, upcycled, etc.

While we're on the topic of recycling, visit this Web page for instructions on how to make a small-sized geodesic dome for kids to play with. The materials? Old newspapers!

We haven't made one, yet, but it looks like great fun!


Michelle said...

I think I say it everyday! We have loooads upon loooads of junk! haha!

Cyndie said...

What a great blog! I love your Etsy shop listings. Have a great Holiday season!

demandablog said...

Thanks for linking the story of stuff. I love that blog, too. I've been trying to be less of a buying and keeping junk person. I hope I've been suceeding at least a little.

jcnStudios said...

I'm not one to buy a lot of stuff, but I do have an addiction to craft supplies and beads, so I am guilty of having to much stuff in that department. I think recycling or repurposing items you already have is the way to go.

Great blog you have!

Jen said...

That dome looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

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