Recycling with Mary Janes Farm

The latest issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine (August-September 2011) is labeled the "Nifty thrifty issue," and it has lots of great ideas for recycling and reusing!

One story talks about reusing an old coat to make stuffed bears and bunnies. Another shows how to turn T-shirts into skirts. There are reuse ideas sprinkled throughout the magazine.

Every issue of the magazine ends with a column by "city farmgirl" Rebekah Teal. She writes about learning the art of "reuse" from an older woman she used to visit.

If you've never read MaryJanesFarm magazine, this is the issue to pick up.

Creating eco-friendly mail

Now, you can send an eco-friendly message just by putting a stamp on an envelope. In April, the U.S. Postal Service released the new "Go Green" postage stamps, along with a wide variety of great items to complement the stamps.

There's even a special section of the U.S.P.S. online store dedicated to the "Go Green" line of products.

The stamps are "Forever" stamps, for use on First Class mail. The stamps and philatelic products can be ordered online at

The U.S.P.S. has been environmentally friendly since 1899 when it tested the first electric vehicle in Buffalo, NY. Today, the agency operates more than 44,000 alternative fuel capable mail delivery vehicles across the country, including ethanol, biodiesel, compressed natural gas and electric. Since 2005, USPS has increased its use of alternative fuels 133 percent, and since 2003, has reduced its facility energy use 28 percent. To learn more about USPS sustainability initiatives, visit the USPS green newsroom and

The Postal Service chose the Go Green stamps as this year’s social awareness stamps to help raise awareness about helping the environment.

In addition to offering the stamps and the typical philatelic products (first day covers, digital postmarks, etc.), the Go Green line also includes tote bags, postcards, playing cards and a family activity kit, which includes stamps, a poster, fold-and-mail stationery and access to online games.

(If you read my 365Letters blog, I apologize for the similar posts today, but I thought this topic was worthy of both blogs.)

What are you recycling today?

At our house, we're collecting aluminum cans to sell to the local scrap metal place. My daughter's Girl Scout troop is using the money they earn by selling the cans to help the local animal shelter and Humane Society. It's the troop's Bronze Award project. They combined recycling with helping the animals.

Have you been recycling lately? Leave a comment about how you're recycling.
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