Favorite magazine closings

If you count my work on the "Bulldog Barker," the student newspaper at Plainview (Texas) High School, I've been involved with newspapers and print-media in general for 28 years, about two-thirds (⅔) of my life.

I've worked on newspaper staffs (still do), owned a regional magazine and freelanced for a variety of newspapers and magazines.... That's what makes all of the recent magazine (and newspaper) closings so poignant for me, especially when it's my favorite magazines. I just cringe with each announcement....Craft Magazine, Hallmark Magazine, Country Home, Cottage Living, Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion...

Maybe it's anachronistic or archaic to still appreciate paper products in 2009, but I do. I like the portability, the salvability, the share-ability of a "real" magazine.

Don't misunderstand...I'm not anti-electronic age. I've been using computers for almost as long as I've been working for the print media. I started out taking "computer math" in high school, wrote newspaper articles on VDTs (video display terminals) in college and used computers at every newspaper job I've ever had. My husband had one of the first Compuserve e-mail accounts, and he signed me up as soon as he could. We were linking up with others around the world on Compuserve's Forums before "the Internet" and "World Wide Web" were household words.

Yet, we've maintained our love of paper...magazines, newspapers, books. I understand how cool the Kindle 2 is. I know it's portable. I know I can save electronic magazine articles and pages in my computer. I know I can send links and even electronic clips to other people via e-mail.

But, still, I like paper. And, I'm going to miss magazines.
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