Funny Valentines!

I just listed these funny, vintage sticker sheets in my Etsy shop. They are from a teen/kid magazine from the 1970s and '80s called "Dynamite."

From what I can find online, they came with or through the book order forms we got at school. I didn't recognize the stickers right off the bat, but once I saw pictures of the magazine online, I remembered them. I'm sure I had the covers of some of those magazines taped to my wall!

I also listed a set of tiny hearts made from handmade paper. And, the "With Love" stickers are still listed. Maybe they'll be just what someone is looking for to make their Valentine complete!

More trash news

Now that Dave Chameides' 365 Days of Trash are behind him, he's started up a new web site/blog called Sustainable Dave. Have you seen it? Lots of great information there!

Check it out!

My new blog

I just wanted to let you know about my new blog, 365Letters. It's all about my new project to write a letter a day every day in 2009. I hope you'll visit the new blog!

I'll update this blog tomorrow!
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