Etsy finds!

Etsy is such a fun place for finding recycled, reused and repurposed items!

Take a look at these:

Glamorous Recycled Vintage Negatives Earrings made from vintage 8mm film strips at Tomate d'├ępingles etsy shop.

Steampunk Vintage Button Necklace made from vintage clock parts, buttons and an antique chain at Callooh Callay's shop.

Pencil Box for School or Office made from fused plastic bags at ECO by Limitz on Etsy.

Everything about these Individual Woodgrain Cards is reused...the paint, the paper, the envelopes! Find them at the Reuse First shop on Etsy.

These Magazine Coasters put to great use something that normally would be tossed out with the trash! Rubbish Remade on Etsy has lots of nice things made out of paper.

At Debby Arem Design's shop on Etsy, these Recycled Computer Circuit Board Mini Magnetic Clipboards are great!

If you're looking for some great items that are eco-friendly, recycled, repurposed, reused, etc., head over to Etsy and take a look around!

Reusing everyday items

My 9-year-old daughter is one of the reusing-est people I know. She can find a use for just about any piece of what-looks-like-trash.

This weekend, she picked up a subscription card that had fallen out of a magazine I was reading. She rolled it into a cone and immediately hit on the idea of turning it into a flower artificial flower holder, holding flowers she planned to make from a variety of items around the house.

So, with a little glue and some paint, she had the card looking like a vase. Then, she used some coffee filters and I don't know what else to create some flowers.

If you're looking for some ideas on what to do with the everyday stuff that might be trash, try Earth911.
The Web site's "Reuse Everything You Can" section has an article called "Get Those Reuse Ideas Flowing," with ideas such as using egg cartons to store miscellaneous items like ping pong balls and hair ties. If you have more ideas for that article, click on "Contact Us" and send them a suggestion.

The Web site also has a search engine for finding a recycling place near you. Look around the Web site; maybe there's some information there you can use.

Cute items!

Recently, I'v been finding New Leaf Paper products at an area thrift store.

This little "Found Space" journal is's printed on 100% post-consumer, recycled paper. The "packaging" is recycled product packaging. In this case, it looks like a box of Annie's organic white cheddar and pasta shells. The New Leaf Paper info is printed on the "inside" of the Annie's box. It's all held together with a couple of loose leaf rings.

A few weeks ago, I featured some New Leaf Paper Karma Cards on my 365Letters blog. You can read about them here.

I've been to the New Leaf Paper Web site, but I don't see anything like this on there. But, I do find the products listed online at a variety of stores. I'm sending an e-mail to New Leaf Paper and will update to let you know if they're still making these products.

I just love this kind of stuff!

UPDATE: See the first comment below for information from New Leaf Paper! The place to go is Lots of wonderful things there!
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