Nothing is trash!

I just love the concept of not throwing things away!

I found this great blog on how to make a purse from potato chip bags or candy wrappers. Take a look at her detailed directions!

On the purse-making blog, she references this Web site that explains how to make the chains she uses for the purses — It's not hard...I've done it! While you're looking at Gary Duschl's Web site on how to make the gum wrapper chains, click to his Main Page (link is at the bottom of his page) and see what he's done!

With tricks like these, we can save almost anything and make something useful out of it!


Giulia Mauri said...

Hello Catproduction,

I'm The Card Tree from Etsy!

Thank you very much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

These creations made with recycled material are so great!
Your blog is lovely!
We should be working together! Or creating some soart of Eco-friendly etsyteam!

I have hearted you in etsy and added your link in my blog, I hope my readers will come to visit your blog treasure x


TheresaJ said...

Great stuff!

TheresaJ said...

Thanks, Cat, for the great tip. I will definitely check out that website.

AileenFairycat's Costume Closet said...

Those are so cool!! It makes me want to go chew some gum and make a purse :)

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