How-to Make a Purse from a Magazine Page

I am always looking for different and exciting ways to reuse all the stuff I have.

This how-to is great at Henrietta's Handbags and Purse Patterns is great.

The site gives instructions for making a purse from magazine pages.

While you're there, go to the Site Map and scroll down to the Free Handbag Patterns and Purse Patterns link. There are several other eco-friendly ideas there. The site also sells purses and handbags made from a variety of materials.

Note to crafters: Please read the FAQ section on the Henrietta's site. The patterns are copyrighted, and crafters must sign an agreement to share the revenue you make.


Debbie Gootter said...

cool stuff

Anonymous said...

very clever!

Michele Reed said...

very cool! i've been thinking of making art journal covers with magazine covers!

Anonymous said...

Just peeking at your blog again.

You've been "tagged". Check my blog to see what it is and have a little blog fun.

Devin said...

That is awesoem that is so clever

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