Recycling with Mary Janes Farm

The latest issue of MaryJanesFarm magazine (August-September 2011) is labeled the "Nifty thrifty issue," and it has lots of great ideas for recycling and reusing!

One story talks about reusing an old coat to make stuffed bears and bunnies. Another shows how to turn T-shirts into skirts. There are reuse ideas sprinkled throughout the magazine.

Every issue of the magazine ends with a column by "city farmgirl" Rebekah Teal. She writes about learning the art of "reuse" from an older woman she used to visit.

If you've never read MaryJanesFarm magazine, this is the issue to pick up.

1 comment:

CraveCute said...

Thanks for the info. I have never heard of this magazine before. I will check it out!

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