Recycled Halloween?

I know Halloween is a fun time for kids. They get to dress up in fanciful or frightful costumes and get free candy!

But, it always seems like such a wasteful holiday to me. The stores are full of new costumes that will barely stay in one piece through the end of Oct. 31. Then, they lay in shreds on the closet floor. And, then there are plastic pumpkins, skull-shaped flashlights, glo-sticks and piles and piles of candy wrappers.

Do you have any ideas for making Halloween more eco-friendly? What do you do to reduce Oct. 31 waste? Share your ideas!

I have some stickers (above) in my Etsy shop that are made from handmade paper, created from junk mail and other sorts of paper trash. And my Halloween tags (at left) were made from the leftovers of another project. Do you have any ReduceReuseRecycle Halloween decorating ideas?


Vicky Bell said...

We always did halloween the old-fashioned way, with made costumes that reused stuff, then is saved in the halloween box and reused over and over. We collected candy with pillowcases, no plastic pumpkins! My kids costumes were always admired- and usually had more imagination going for them then anything else!- One of my son's best years (he says) was when he forgot till the last minute about a costume, then bought a cheap hairnet and grabbed a ladle from home and viola! Instant "lunch lady", a hit at school. Props are great lol!

Janet Keen said...

Nice cat, is he or she your own pet?. I have improved my blog if you would like to see it. Thanks for posting all those months ago.
I like your recycled art.

Regards janet Keen
New Zealand

Rachel said...

Home made, home made, home made! We make our costumes (if we have to buy stuff for them, we get it second hand) and the kids have candy bags I made for them a few years ago out of orange and green fabric. We don't really decorate, other than a jack o' lantern or two. As simple as we keep it, it is still one of my kids' very favourite holidays.

CAT Productions said...

Thanks for the input, everyone!

Janet, the cat on my blog (and my Etsy site) is indeed one of our pets. His name is Little One. One day, he just walked up the sidewalk and announced that he lived with us, and so he has for more than 10 years now. He is quite a character!

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