Jewelry from "trash"

Last week, my daughter's Scholastic Book order came in, so she had a lot of reading to keep her entertained over the weekend. One of the books she had requested and that turned out to be one of the favorites was titled "Make Your Own Recycled Jewelry." I can't seem to find it out there on the Internet, except for in Scholastic flyers, but it has lots of fun directions for making paper beads, jewelry from bottlecaps, etc. Anna had fun turning all sorts of "trash" into cute jewelry. Look around and see if there's anything that you don't have to throw away today.

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Linda said...

Hi Carla...I am glad that you are a follower on my site...I am interested too in using old paper in some of my projects...I have tried the paper beads and the first attempt didn't come out so great but I think it had to do with the paper...So you have inspired me to try again...I look forward to seeing your ideas..

Best regards, Linda :)

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