Recycle This - Great Web Site!

I recently came across the Recycle This Web site. Have you ever wondered what you should do with old VHS tapes, egg shells, floppy disks, cell phones, tires, keys, flip-flops, sunglasses? Recycle This can tell you exactly what can be done with all those things and much, much more.

The couple who produce the site live in England, so some of the posts might pertain to directly to the UK, such as the post "How can we make doorstep recycling better in the UK?" But, most of the Web site is applicable no matter where you live. You don't have to be British to turn an old suitcase into a pet bed or to use it for storing out-of-season clothing.

With hundreds of posts on dozens of topics, it's easy to spend a lot of time reading all of the great recycling and reusing ideas on Recycle This!

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phonelady said...

i do recycle as well . when someone sends me a book in a mailer if it is good then I re use it to send another book .

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