Reusing everyday items

My 9-year-old daughter is one of the reusing-est people I know. She can find a use for just about any piece of what-looks-like-trash.

This weekend, she picked up a subscription card that had fallen out of a magazine I was reading. She rolled it into a cone and immediately hit on the idea of turning it into a flower artificial flower holder, holding flowers she planned to make from a variety of items around the house.

So, with a little glue and some paint, she had the card looking like a vase. Then, she used some coffee filters and I don't know what else to create some flowers.

If you're looking for some ideas on what to do with the everyday stuff that might be trash, try Earth911.
The Web site's "Reuse Everything You Can" section has an article called "Get Those Reuse Ideas Flowing," with ideas such as using egg cartons to store miscellaneous items like ping pong balls and hair ties. If you have more ideas for that article, click on "Contact Us" and send them a suggestion.

The Web site also has a search engine for finding a recycling place near you. Look around the Web site; maybe there's some information there you can use.

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phonelady said...

yep I am a big recycle fan . I hope you dont mind but I sent your reply letter in a recycled envie and it looked so pretty and I think when you see it you will see it does not look any different , Oh well you are dead on reuse , recycle , rejoice because one less in the landfill .

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