Lots of recycling ideas!

Over at, Mary Ann Romans has a blog on frugality that has many ideas for reusing everyday items that normally end up in the trash. Many of her suggestions are rather artistic.

For example, she gives directions for turning cans into candle holders, earrings into lampshade decorations, worn-out clothing into rugs and many other interesting projects.

Pay her a visit and see what you can do with your trash!


On another note, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my newly listed Vintage Red Purse has been listed on the Vintage Bulletin blog in a collection of vintage Etsy picks. Look for the Etsy mini on the left side of the screen.

Thanks to the Vintage Bulletin group for including me!


Mary Ann Romans said...

Thanks for the mention. I love the red purse and am on my way to Esty to check it out.

Empress Jade said...

That is a sweet little bag! Just love the color and the shape!
Glad I found your blog, lots of great recycling tips. XOXO

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