Etsy finds!

Etsy is such a fun place for finding recycled, reused and repurposed items!

Take a look at these:

Glamorous Recycled Vintage Negatives Earrings made from vintage 8mm film strips at Tomate d'├ępingles etsy shop.

Steampunk Vintage Button Necklace made from vintage clock parts, buttons and an antique chain at Callooh Callay's shop.

Pencil Box for School or Office made from fused plastic bags at ECO by Limitz on Etsy.

Everything about these Individual Woodgrain Cards is reused...the paint, the paper, the envelopes! Find them at the Reuse First shop on Etsy.

These Magazine Coasters put to great use something that normally would be tossed out with the trash! Rubbish Remade on Etsy has lots of nice things made out of paper.

At Debby Arem Design's shop on Etsy, these Recycled Computer Circuit Board Mini Magnetic Clipboards are great!

If you're looking for some great items that are eco-friendly, recycled, repurposed, reused, etc., head over to Etsy and take a look around!


phonelady said...

gotta love the three rs dear . thanks .

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